We help IoT developers from concept to manufacturing:


Internet Module

App Development



Our BaaS platform is privately deployed and includes built-in support for Big Data tools and enterprise integration.

Internet Module

Our Internet Module has built-in BaaS functions and a simple standard protocol to support IoT applications.

App Development

Our app services include a comprehensive suite of APIs and full front-end app development.


Our manufacturing services helps IoT developers bring concepts from prototype to mass production.


IoT developers can focus on their strengths

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    Data Analysis

Phoinix Technologies handles the rest

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    Big Data Infrastructure
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    Internet Module
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Accelerate time-to-market for IoT apps

Reduce development cost

Improve backend performance, reliability, and user satisfaction

Our Technology

User Management

Register users and manage sign-ins, permissions, and security.

Data Management

Store, retrieve, share, back up, and sync data.

Device Management

Register, configure, and control connected devices.

Location Services

Associate geolocation information with application data.

Push Notifications

Powerful, scalable push messaging with flexible targeting.

Instant Messaging

Real-time voice, video, and text chat.


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